Henrik Hain

Henrik Hain

Data Scientist / Data Engineer

All.In Data GmbH

I am a data scientist and (data|software) engineer at All.In Data GmbH located in beautiful Mannheim, Germany. My work and research interests include (deep) reinforcement learning, machine learning, software engineering, and natural language processing where I successfully applied my expertise in academic research as well as in real-world business projects in finance, EPC project management, and large online retail.

I have a preference for elegantly designed, efficient and minimal systems and do not like overengineered or oversized solutions, which is sometimes the reason for being admonished by my boss Florian for getting lost in details and tinkering too much.


  • Data science
  • (Deep) reinforcement learning
  • Predictive modeling & machine learning
  • Cognitive systems, anthropomatics, and computer vision
  • (Empirical) software engineering


  • MSc. Computer Science

    Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

  • BSc. Computer Science, 2015

    University of Applied Sciences Mannheim

  • Staatl. gepr. informations- und kommunikationstechnischer Assistent, 2010



Scipy 2020 Day Three

The third day of SciPy 2020 was filled with interesting and foundational tutorial content regarding deep learning with a short primer to the PyTorch library and I found the time to watch some interesting SciPy talks from Enthoughts SciPy Youtube channel as well.


Recent Advancements in Deep Reinforcement Learning

Many deep reinforcement learning methods have been established for the development of autonomous AI-agents. This talk introduces deep reinforcement learning as combination of deep learning and reinforcement learning and highlights a selection of noteworthy advancements since Mnih et al. introduced Deep Q-learning.